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Congrats to our new Frost students! You can stay up to date with our jazz saxophone studio happenings on our Frost Jazz Sax facebook page. This is a stellar incoming freshman class and I am really looking forward to getting down to business next fall!

Currently at the 29th annual iASJ workshop in Zagreb, Croatia, where our students Alexandra Brandenburg and Robert Papacica are admirably representing the Frost School. Schools from over 20 countries are represented, a week of masterclasses, jam sessions, and presentations will be capped by concerts by the 6 international small combos we have organized the students into, playing their own compositions and arrangements which they are rehearsing ambitiously all week.

A big thanks to Aldo Salvant and Janio Abreau for organizing our trip to Cuba at the beginning of the month, a truly informative and inspirational experience.

Stay tuned for Brian Lynch’s upcoming big band album, featuring nine heady and very burning charts.I’ve heard some of the mixes, including the piece I shared shared solo duties with Dave Liebman. I think this will be a very special record, the music is unique, exotic, exciting, and certainly well performed.

Also in the big band realm the South Florida Jazz Orchestra will be releasing our album featuring the music of Rick Margitza sometime this summer.

The Miami Saxophone Quartet would like to thank Mark Watkins and Brigham Young University Idaho, where we were the featured guests for their 2019 Jazz Festival. It was a great concert and we very much enjoyed working with the high school and college students from all around Idaho and Utah. Such gracious hosts! Performing with the excellent resident sax quartet “Four.” was an honor, as was our participation in their recent joint recording project with partner sax quartets from around the world.

Please check out the the South Florida Jazz Orchestra’s’ wonderful new release of the music of Gary Lindsay, “Are We Still Dreaming”.  I’m supremely honored to be performing on this recording alongside so many gifted musicians. Gary’s music is beautiful, unique, and eminently satisfying on every level. This recording is long overdue. This summer will see the release of the SFJO’s recording of the music of Rick Margitza. Stay tuned!

Older links (these will take a while to load – be patient!:


Older links (these will take a while to load – be patient!:

Presentation at the 2018 IASJ meeting

JEN Conference presentation Jan 2018

Upper Structures: The Unifying Element Between Chords, Scales, and the Melodic Line:

Some of the grand questions we attempted to answer:

   Is there any logic behind all these scales, chords, and  names?
   We talk about modes, but what does “modal” mean?
   If there is just a mode name how do I know what chord to play?
   How is it voiced to get the right sound?
   Are there any principles that tie all this chord scale  theory
   We need to hear it – but what is “it”?
   Are there any shortcuts?
   What can we learn from completely intuitive “ear”  players?

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