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Hello everyone!

Two interesting performances on the horizon – Sunday February 27th with the Melton Mustafe Big Band for the 25th anniversary of the Melton Mustafe Jazz Festival and Sunday, April 3rd I will be performing James Whitbourn’s Son of God Mass at the First Presbyterian Church of Ft Lauderdale. This a very interesting piece for organ, choir, and solo soprano saxophone that includes improvisation and modal harmonies, quite beautiful. Also a quick hit with the Last Flight Out Big Band for the Coral Springs Festival of the Arts on March 20th (https://www.csfoa.org). See the shows tab above for details.

Many teachers and former students have asked about the status of the Jazz Chord/Scale Handbook, which is currently out of print. I have decided to self publish a new edition of the book, which will feature expanded content and revisions reflecting my experience of teaching theory over the twenty years since the original edition. Please stay tuned for information on who to obtain the new manuscript, and feel free to contact me if you wish to pre-order.

Fans of my dear friend and mentor Ron Miller will be excited to hear that  The Regions Tribute to Ron Miller is now available digitally on Spotify, with other outlets soon to come. Former students of Ron’s have banded together to create an album of some of his iconic tunes, under the direction of producer Jon Gilutin. This pandemic project was done all remotely in our individual home studios and it sounds pretty awesome thanks to Jon’s keyboard and production prowess. These are all new approaches and fresh arrangements on ten great tunes!! My particular contribution was on the tune “Men in White.” Hope you like it.

I will be performing at the annual SUNY Fredonia alum concert in October, where we will pay tribute to Fredonia alum and jazz luminary Onaje Alan Gumbs, yet another member of our community who succumbed to Covid during the pandemic.  The concert is Friday, October 15th – see gigs tab or clock on the date for more details.

Slightly less recent developments:

I am also pleased to see the release of Cheap Thrills featuring the music of tenor saxophonist Rick Margitza by the South Florida Jazz Orchestra. I was a treat to lead the sax section on this recording. I’d also like to shout out Troy Robert’s newest album Best Buddies with the great guitarist Tim Jago. .

Even older but not too old stuff:

 I’m very happy to announce Brian Lynch’s new big band album The Omni-American Book Club has won the Grammy award for Best Large Jazz Ensemble Recording. You can hear me blow alongside Dave Liebman on the 4th track “The Trouble With Elysium.” Crazy chords! The sax section is all Frost alums and my former students, anchored by lead Alto Tom Kelley. Frost jazz sax alum Michael Thomas’ Terazza Big Band has also been nominated in the same category, and features another of our NY based sax alums, Troy Roberts (not to mention a number Frost grads on other instruments filling out the band)

Please check out the the South Florida Jazz Orchestra’s’ wonderful new release of the music of Gary Lindsay, “Are We Still Dreaming”.  I’m supremely honored to be performing on this recording alongside so many gifted musicians. Gary’s music is beautiful, unique, and eminently satisfying on every level. This recording is long overdue. Still waiting to hear about the release of the SFJO’s recording of the music of Rick Margitza. Stay tuned! I hear it will be soon!

And still older links (these will take a while to load – be patient!:

Presentation at the 2018 IASJ meeting

JEN Conference presentation Jan 2018

Upper Structures: The Unifying Element Between Chords, Scales, and the Melodic Line:

Some of the grand questions we attempted to answer:

   Is there any logic behind all these scales, chords, and  names?
   We talk about modes, but what does “modal” mean?
   If there is just a mode name how do I know what chord to play?
   How is it voiced to get the right sound?
   Are there any principles that tie all this chord scale  theory
   We need to hear it – but what is “it”?
   Are there any shortcuts?
   What can we learn from completely intuitive “ear”  players?

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